“John Botsford has done wonderful things for me—easing body pain, advising on exercise and stretching, seeing myself in my world. For almost ten years, he has been my friend and Rolfer. I would be a different person if I had not found him.”

-David A. Sisson-

“I have benefited personally from John’s work when my body was out of alignment. Professionally, I have referred many of my clients over the years, and they are truly amazed with the positive outcome of John’s bodywork. In all, I recommend John’s profound knowledge of anatomy and his skillful touch to anyone looking for a greater freedom of movement, a deeper breathing pattern, and an integration of the body that sometimes borders on the miraculous.”

-Sonam Targee, Ayurvedic Herbalist-

“I have had back troubles—pain/stiffness and muscle spasms—for years. I have tried chiropractic (regular and Gentle Touch/NSA) and acupuncture, with mixed results. The results just didn’t last. Working with John, I find I have significant, long-lasting relief from my symptoms. I have basically no stiffness or pain in the morning. Muscles that might get tight relax from spasm spontaneously.”

-Eric Lobenstine-

“…you feel such a relief… it is just the most amazing feeling… It’s something that actually lasts.”

-The New York Times-

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